Slushie Party Slot Review 2024

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Slushie Party Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:5,000X your bet
RTP:Up to 98.01%
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

Get ready for some refreshing entertainment with the exciting Slushie Party slot machine. Packed with classic fruit symbols and icy treats, it's a great new spin on the popular Fruit Party game.

This version, however, Pragmatic Play has developed for Stake casino alone. It's another great addition to the hugely popular enhanced RTP slots line the duo are delivering together. The enhanced part pushes the RTP up to 98%. Or if you opt to buy into the bonus spins, to a whopping 98.01%.

Wins are based on the developer's beloved Cluster Pays concept, so instead of  pay lines, it's all about gathering groups of matching symbols with at least 5 matching paying out a cash prize.

You can play each round from just 20 cents a go to the max bet of 1,000 dollars per spin, and win up to 5,000 times that amount, which if you do the math, comes out at an exceptionally high $5 million!

Along the way, with luck on your side, you'll encounter the multipliers, free spins, and tumble wins that Pragmatic Play is so well known for. All and all, we'd say, what is pretty much certain is that whatever fate this candy-coloured crypto slot dishes out, you'll have plenty of fun each time you play.

Game highlights:

  • Cluster wins
  • Tumble feature
  • Free spins
  • Bonus buy into instant free spins round
  • Random multipliers up to 256X
  • Top prize of up to 5,000X your bet
  • 98% payout rate
  • High volatility
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino


Play Slushie Party at Stake

*Important note: Our international casino review team regularly checks access to the casinos we write about. We are aware that there are some geo-restrictions, even at a top crypto casino like Stake. We've found that using a VPN service lets you get around that. You can use one for creating a Stake account as much as betting on games like Slushie Party. So remember to turn on your VPN if you have an issue logging in, or can't find a particular game, as these may be limited in some locations too. ➜ More info

spin-arrowWant to give the slot a spin? Skip the instructions and try Slushie Party in demo mode! Otherwise continue reading our review.

Enhanced RTP Slushie Party Slots Basics and Rules

Before you get started, it can be nice to get a picture of the basics and rules of how to play.

Overall, Slushie Party is very easy to play, as are all video slot machines. It's basically a matter of setting your bet, spinning the reels, and letting luck – or more accurately the game's RNG, determine your destiny. But since this is a Slushie Party review, here's a bit of a walkthrough.

Slushie Party is played on a grid consisting of a 7 by 7 field. The goal is to land clusters of symbols. At least 5 identical connected symbols form a winning cluster, with increasing paydays going up to 15 of a kind. Different symbols pay at different rates with strawberries delivering top dollar, while blue slushies are the lowest paying, though still worthwhile. All amounts awarded are according to the game's pay table, which you can glance at below or in the actual game by clicking the 'i' information button.

slushie-party-cluster-winsWins are based on the Cluster Pays concept.MoreLess

The amount you can win depends on your bet, which you set by clicking the plus and minus signs on either side of the spin button. The minimum bet is $0.20, while the maximum bet allowed is $1,000. This obviously gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of your risk appetite, and personal budget. You can always reset your bet after each round. Or if you know what you like, go for the auto play option, and have the game spin up to 1,000 times in a row automatically at the same bet rate.

The winnings don't necessary stop with each spin, as the tumble feature clears out winning symbols, replacing them with new ones and opening up potential for continued wins on the same spin. In fact, theoretically, this tumble action can continue indefinitely, or at least until you win the game's max prize of 5,000X your bet.

For your convenience, the game also has system and sound settings built-in, so you can turn down the volume or mute it entirely, deactivate the game intro to speed things up, or adjust the game speed itself for even quicker play.

idea iconA small tip from our team: Depending on where you are located, you may need a VPN to access Slushie Party, or even Stake itself. If you do an onsite search for Slushie Party and get no results, or look in the Enhanced RTP section of the casino and see the "unavailable in your country or region" sign over the thumbnail, then turn on your VPN to switch your IP to a country where it's available, and you're good to go.

Play Slushie Party Online for Free at Stake

We love Stake Casino for a lot of reasons, as you'll have noted if you've read other Stake reviews from our expert team. And one of them is just how easy it makes everything. Like, even free play. You don't even need to create an account to enjoy most games in 'Fun Play' mode. And we were obviously excited to find this includes Slushie Party, which can be played for free at Stake 'til your heart's content. Or simply for getting used to the layout without depositing a dime.

arrowIf you want to switch to 'Real Play' and the chance at those cash prizes, then you will need to register a Stake account and make a deposit in any of the 20+ cryptocurrencies it accepts, or even CAD, BRL, or JPY.

For your convenience, you can simply enjoy Slushie Party for free right here on the Casino.Guide website! This we'd say is the easiest option, though once you want to move to cash bets, we definitely refer you back to the Stake site, where you can start off with our awesome, exclusive $500 bonus.

Slushie Party Demo Mode

slushie-party-stake-slot By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Pragmatic Play. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play

Play at Stake Casino

Slushie Party and Fruit Party Slot Machine Comparison

If Slushie Party looks familiar to you, then you have a good eye! That's because it is actually a direct spinoff of the popular Pragmatic Play Fruit Party slots. So which of the two should you opt for then, or what are the distinct benefits of each?

Well truthfully, we like both, and think either is a great option. And since it's always fun to spice things up, there's plenty of time to try both. But for comparison's sake, we'll say both enjoy similar, simple game play.

There are a few small changes made to the graphics to distinguish between the two versions. The most obvious of course being inferred already in the game name. That is, while they both continue with the fruit slot theme, the newer game adds refreshing slushie drink symbols to the winning mix. These icy drinks come in pink, green, and blue, replacing the plum, star, and heart symbols from the original respectively. The background for the reels has also been improved, with graphics sharpened for a crisper, cleaner look and feel.

fruit-party-vs-slushie-partyFruit Party vs Slushie PartyMoreLess

Other than that, game play is essentially exactly the same, even with the identical theme music in the background. Plus, you've got the same bet limits, overall features, and even max win amount.

The only other difference, and this one's a biggie, is the RTP. While Fruit Party has a very nice 96.47% return to player, Slushie Party gives you a 98% RTP, and even slightly higher at 98.01% if you've used the bonus buy option.

The difference is not particularly significant for casual players. But in the long term Slushie Party offers slightly higher winning potential, which is always welcome for more regular gamblers.

Sugar Twist Logo SmallP.S. If you're looking for a similar level of play, we'd also point you to the Sugar Twist enhanced RTP slot, which also has a sweet bright theme, the same bet limits and max win, plus almost all of the same extra features.

Slushie Party Paytable

Want know how much you can win and how? Have a look at the slot's paytable below for a sense of which symbols pay what.

SymbolMinimum profitMaximum profit
Slushie Party Strawberry SymbolX1 X150
Slushie Party Orange SymbolX0.75 X100
Slushie Party Apple SymbolX0.5 X90
Slushie Party Grapes SymbolX0.4 X80
Pink Slushie Party SymbolX0.3 X60
Blue Slushie Party SymbolX0.25 X40
Green Slushie Party SymbolX0.3 X20

In terms of understanding the symbols, Slushie Party has a mix of classic fruit symbols as well as icy beverages that pay out. In order for a payout to occur, you will need to land 5 identical symbols in a cluster combination, meaning blocks that are connected either horizontally or vertically.

The minimum profit listed above refers to what is paid for a 5 symbol cluster, and the maximum profit column covers clusters of 15+. Theoretically, you can have a chain of more than 15, by the way, but the prize size maxes out at 15, so the additional matching symbols don't serve much purpose.

coins iconTip: If you'd like dollar and cents values for these combos, you can always refer to the slot's paytable, embedded in the game. Click the 'i' symbol when you have it open, and you'll see each symbol's value in the currency you're playing with listed there.

As you can see, somewhat surprisingly, the slushies are actually the lowest paying symbols, although they are the inspiration for the game's name. Instead, the highest paying symbols are retained from the original Fruit Party slots version, starting with the strawberry combos delivering top prizes, then oranges, apples, and grapes.

While the game does have a scatter symbol - the upside-down golden peach - this symbol does not have a prize value, though it is still highly coveted as 3 or more are your ticket to triggering the free spins bonus round.

Slushie Party Bonus Rounds and Special Features

As we've long established in our various casino reviews, Pragmatic Play does not skimp on the extras. That's why we went into assessing this game with strong expectations. And needless to say, we weren't disappointed with Slushie Party, which comes part and parcel with various features that can help make each round exceptionally exciting. These cool features are in fact some of the developer's most popular, and include:

  1. Tumble function
  2. Free spins bonus round
  3. Random multipliers
  4. Bonus buy option

Tumble function

For Pragmatic Play connoisseurs, it would be fair to say that this function is no longer a novelty, but always a welcome addition!

For those less familiar, the tumble function is triggered when you have full-fledged clusters. When you hit a winning cluster on your spin, the associated symbols will dissolve from your screen, and new, random symbols will tumble on in from the grid above. Any new winning clusters from the tumble then dissolve in turn, with new symbols poured in to their places.

slushie-party-slot-tumble-function-dissolving-winning-symbolsCluster symbols dissolve, making space for new ones tumbling down.MoreLess

This is a great way to extend game play, which is fun, and more importantly gives you the chance to garner extra winnings from a single bet. In fact, you can keep winning and winning on that one bet indefinitely, so long as new clusters form, allowing for space to fill in more wins! The only way that a round ends is if there are no more combo clusters, or if you reach the max 5,000X your bet prize.

Free spins bonus round

Slushie Party Scatter SymbolAs in many online slots, the most coveted feature here is the free spins bonus round. In the Slushie Party slot it can be randomly triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. These scatter symbols, which look like upside down golden peaches can appear on all reels, making it even easier to trigger.

The number of free spins that you'll get depends on how many scatter symbols trigger the round.

  • 3 scatter symbols award you 10 free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols give you 11 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols mean 12 free spins
  • 6 scatter symbols deliver 13 free spins
  • And the max of 6 scatter symbols equal 14 free spins

Within this bonus round further free spins can be triggered by the appearance of those same scatter symbols.

Plus, there are often random multipliers thrown in. These can grant you 2X or even 4X your winnings. And if you land more than one multiplier, that number is exponential!

slushie-party-free-spins-bonus-round-random-multipliers-scattersThe free spins bonus round features random multipliers and scatter symbols.MoreLess

Note: Once the winning rounds end, or when you reach the game's max win of 5,000X your bet, the bonus round is complete, and you'll automatically be returned to the regular reels, where you can continue to play.

Random multipliers

Speaking of multipliers, they are not only found in the bonus feature, but can make a rather abundant appearance during regular game play as well. Symbols have the ability to transform into 2X multipliers, and in total can reach up to 256X multipliers.

How that works is not by a single 256X multiplier appearing on screen. Rather, if you land multiple multipliers, all factors are added together, and the total factor is applied to the clusters consisting of such symbols that have been transformed by the feature.


Sound confusing? We promise you'll get it quickly when you see it. But for example, if a green slush ice cream changes into a multiplier, it will be connected to other slushie symbols of the same color for essentially a domino effect.

Bonus buy option

Slushie Party Bonus Buy OptionWant to fast track to all the free spin fun? Then the bonus buy feature is perfect for you! For a fee of 100 times your base stake – so that would be $100 if you'd just bet $1, you can purchase direct access to the free spins round.

You'll start out with 10 free spins when activated, but the amount and associated winnings can certainly grow from there.

We'll point out too that you get slightly better game odds with this option at a 98.1% RTP – as opposed to the base game's 98%.

Play Slushie Party Mobile

If you'd like to play Slushie Party mobile slots, note that there is no special Slushie Party app, nor do you have to install a casino app to access Stake. Rather Stake and all its games are 100% browser based, so that no casino download is ever required.

mobile devices iconThis is the way most online casinos have gone over the last decade, as it helps ensure complete compatibility with all devices, including both Android and Apple devices. This way you can also use the same account on any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. - with the same username, password, and of course casino balance.

Slushie Party also meets the usual mobile requirements for high graphic and technical standards. It looks great on all screen sizes. It's still easy to follow the action and find the game commands even on a small screen. All that's really needed is a good internet connection to get in your mobile spins, and the rest is going to be a matter of luck.

And a useful tip, especially if you're travelling: you can use a mobile VPN if you find Slushie Party isn't available as you cross borders.

Slushie Party FAQs

Now that we know where and how to play Slushie Party, plus the fact that it can also count as a mobile slot and a crypto slot, what else is there to say? Our team fielded just a few more questions from readers to make this review even more comprehensive.

  1. When was Slushie Party released?
  2. Why can Slushie Party only be found at Stake?
  3. Is Slushie Party the highest odds online slot game?
  4. Is Slushie Party a crypto slot?

1.) When was Slushie Party released?

As you may recall, the first of the enhanced RTP games that Pragmatic Play developed based on some of its most popular slots, debuted at Stake casino in the autumn of 2022. Since then, this power duo has been gradually building this hot category's repertoire, with 10 such enhanced RTP slots now available, still only at Stake.

Slushie Party is a relative newcomer to the mix, having been released in late April 2023. A spinoff of the fan-favourite Fruit Party slots, it has quickly become a sensation in its own right. And with the buzz around this entire slots series, we'd imagine there are more exclusive titles on their way.

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2.) Why can Slushie Party only be found at Stake?

Slushie Party is an Enhanced RTP slot machine, which is a special series of online slot games that the developer Pragmatic Play created for Stake casino. This is an exclusive deal, or some might say partnership, between two of the biggest heavyweights in the iGaming industry, which makes it quite a coup on both sides.

It also shows that savvy operators recognize the value of exclusivity. As a collaboration between the number one crypto casino together with one of the top casino developers, the partnership provides players with both an original and first class gaming experience.

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3.) Is Slushie Party the highest odds online slot game?

With an RTP of 98% in regular play and a potential RTP of 98.01% with the buy in feature, Slushie Party's return to player is indeed very high relative to standard slots.

It is very much in line with the rest of the games in the Enhanced RTP series. For example, Buffalo Spirit, Lucky Phoenix Megaways, and Sugar Twist all have a 98% RTP as well. Madame Mystique boosts that up a bit to 98.01% even in regular game play, and Wild West Bounty tops the series with a 98.02% return to player.

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4.) Is Slushie Party a crypto slot?

Since Stake is a crypto casino, this is an important question. For those looking to play crypto slots that would obviously make for an excellent find. However note, Stake these days has become even more flexible in its banking. In addition to standard cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it also allows for banking in another 20 or so digital coins, as well as a few fiats like Canadian dollars.

But since you can use crypto to bet on it, technically you could say Slushie Party is a crypto slot if that's what you're looking for. On the other hand, don't be deterred if you prefer playing with standard cash, as you can do that too.

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Our Expert Opinion on Slushie Party Slot

While cool, icy slushes in various colours are at the center of this game's theme, it's actually the classic fruit symbols that really pay out. They are the ones that carry over from the game's inspiration of the Fruit Party template to award prizes at the highest rate.

But it's not just the valuable strawberries, oranges, apples, and grapes that carry over here. Rather you'll find a lot of familiar elements between these two Pragmatic Play games including the betting range of $0.20 to $1,000, the tumble feature, free spins bonus round, random multipliers up to 256X, and even the top prize.

thumb up iconWhat's different then besides the addition of the slushie drink symbols is the core of this game, and that is the increased payout rate. Here you simply get better odds, with the RTP boosted to 98%. And of course the uniqueness factor, as it is only available at Stake. For us, the enhanced RTP alone is enough to make for an obvious choice, but we'll leave that decision up to you.

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