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Taourrrr1030 Profile
Streamer name:Taourrr1030
Real name:Noamane Boukhari
Avatar:Taourrr1030 avatar
Year of birth:1997
Favourite Casino: Bitcoincasino.io
Also plays here:888Casino
Specialties: Table games, League of Legends
Biggest Win: unknown
Biggest Multiplier: unknown

Taourrr1030 is a casino streamer that’s making waves in the French streaming scene. A Belgian-born gamer with Moroccan roots now living in France, Taourrr1030 is actually Noamane Boukhari. He’s a relatively quiet and low key guy who clearly enjoys his games – casino or otherwise.

On Twitch, Taourrr1030 describes himself as a French independent streamer. Other than slots and table games, Taour is also famous for his e-sports and League of Legends streams.

Being the low key guy that he is, Taourrr’s goals seem rather modest. The next big one is to surpass 80k followers. This all seems highly doable, since he already has 75.6k fans who check into his streams regularly.


Taourrr1030 Games

On the casino side of things, Taourrr plays a variety of games in his streams. While he does spin slots, he seems to be much more into table games than other streamers. There are plenty of live blackjack streams where he battles it out with the dealer. Poker tournaments are also on his menu.

Obviously, Noamane has some smarts, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy games that don’t require much strategy. Crazy Time, for example, is a frequent go-to. Other Taourrr1030 games include slots like Perfect Gems from Play ‘n Go. It’s a high variance slot with 6 reels, 21,609 ways to win, and a massive win potential up to 5,000x your bet. This guy certainly knows how to gamble!

Evolution Gaming Crazy Time

When not playing casino games, Taourrr is big on League of Legends and is pretty famous on the eSports scene. In addition to LoL, he also plays Rocket League and Fortnite.

Taourrr Streams: When and Where

Taourrr streams on Twitch regularly. Whereas he goes by Taourrr or Taour on other platforms, on Twitch he is Taourrr1030. When we checked, he did post a schedule on his profile.  He’s usually on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7pm, and on Mondays he does a second stream at midnight. The 7pm stream is a “Just Chatting” programme, but obviously there are also plenty of blackjack and other games involved beyond the chat.

Later towards midnight, there is a Bonus Hunt. These times are all European times though and they roughly translate into the Canadian afternoon until early evening. If it doesn’t work with your day, Taourrr does upload many recordings of his streams onto Youtube. You’ll also find many more of his Fortnite and League of Legends videos on there.

Taourrr1030 Casinos

Compared to other casino streamers, Taourrr is relatively selective about where he plays and is usually found at BitcoinCasino.io. The name says it all: this casino works with that ultra hot cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. That’s all cool and great, but chances are that you didn’t jump on that bitcoin bandwagon early enough to actually own any of it – like most of us, actually.

Nonetheless, if you would like to try some of the Taourrr games, you can give them a shot at 888casino, Mr Green and NetBet. These all have great promotions for Canadian players. 888 in particular has an awesome live casino with regular promotions.

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What’s Special About Taour?

League of LegendsOther than being at brilliant table games, Taour is actually one of the top eAthletes today. He is very active in eSports and is a well-known jungler on League of Legends. His eSports career began in 2014 and he has been one of the most famous players on RSC Anderlecht Esports team. That’s no small feat for someone who’s still in his early twenties.

Taour comes from a culturally diverse background. Noamane’s parents moved from Morocco to Belgium, where he was born. He then decided to move to France where he now lives. He’s a down to earth kind of guy, keeping a relatively low profile.

You see this in his casino streams too, where you see his quiet personality preferring to focus on the games at hand. The name Taour actually means “develop” and it just shows Noamane’s modesty in striving to always improve himself.

Taourrr on Social Media

Being the quiet guy that he is, Taour doesn’t talk much about his personal life on social media, whether as Taourrr or as Noamane Boukhari. We know his name, his age, but nothing really about his family or relationship status. That doesn’t mean he’s not active on the social networks though, as he posts regularly about his interests – casino and eSports.

Taourrr on Twitch

twitch logoTwitch is the home for all streamers, and here Noamane goes by Taourrrr1030. He has over 75k followers here, and it’s largely a French speaking crowd.

Taourrr1030 on Twitch

Taour on Youtube

The Taour Youtube has a great collection of videos, ranging from his casino streams, to Fortnite and trolling League of Legends. He also has plenty of music videos from French musicians and rappers here. On Youtube, Taour has over 9.85k subscribers and the channel is managed by his little brother.

Taourrr1030 on Twitter

Taour has been on Twitter since 2015 and has over 21,800 followers. There are lots of tweets about his Twitch casino streams here, including highlights like his insane 1 Bitcoin bet on roulette, or his crazy 6,500 Euros win on Crazy Time.

Taourrr1030 on twitter

Taour E-Sport and Gambling

Taourrr1030 avatarTaour, or Noamane Boukhari in real life, is certainly a smart guy. One of the top eSport players on League of Legends, Taour has also been flexing his muscles at casino games, taking on daring bets and walking out with impressive wins in live blackjack games and poker tournaments, while also just chilling out with game shows like Crazy Time.

Taour is a true tour de force. His streams and videos are mostly en français, but you can still get a good feel for his skills and the excitement of the games even if you failed high school French.

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